No one is more fascinated by my poop then I am. I will always have trouble accepting this concept. Why aren’t more people taking pictures of their poop and setting them as Facebook statuses, Xbox Live profiles, or sending them to through twitpic?

I heard that there was an iPhone app that acts as a poop diary you can share your movements with the world. Maybe this is the place for me.

But what I really want is an app that will allow me to take pictures of my poop and analyze it. I am happy to tell it what I ate that day but I want the analysis to tell me precisely what I’m missing.

You can tell me, friends, that you want to share this information with me. I will send you pictures of my poop and I will gladly look at yours. We can share dietary information and insights into what made the most glorious bowel movements as we walk hand in hand to a better future for all of us.