Sexy female human tiger hybrids from the future that are so good at online PC games they play with one hand? Yeah, it’s a legitimate concern.

This is the first strip we finished, and it’s mostly a reproduction of an actual conversation. When the comic began Sophy and I had designed a couple of characters with sketches and outlines, and I was walking around a shopping mall wishing I could steal this MSN conversation I’d had with Terrence because it would make a great comic. That was seven months ago. I feel the solution worked out well.

Take a look for the Easter egg Sophy hid in the comic; it’s an homage to two things gaming related. If you don’t get either, I’m surprised you read this far. [Sope’s Remark: There’s more–can you list all the references within this comic? I dare everyone to guess in the comments section. Don’t be shy!]