Gandalf’s love for the longbottom leaf is well documented.

A good friend of mine has this theory that Gandalf barely has any power at all, and that he is instead a “light-bulb wizard.” If you look closely most of his performed magical feats involve more light than magic:

  • His staff gets shiny when he defends the Balrog’s flame-sword
  • His staff gets glows at the top when he hits the The Bridge of Khazad-dum. Is it just the Balrog’s weight that breaks that bridge? I think so.
  • When we first meet him again in The Two Towers we can’t see him because of all the light.
  • As he descends on the fifth day, he shines a light from the tip of his staff.
  • In the final film, he flashes some light to save the riders from the Nazgul.

Shiny shiny. Would a light-bulb on the end of a stick be so different? My friend has a good point, I feel.

Now let’s ask ourselves why this great wizard is “lighting up” all the time. Why is all of his power in blazing up the end of a stick? Just let the jargon and implied metaphors wash over you until you feel acceptance. Essay concluded bitches.