Friends. Each Christmas we tingle a little when we ponder what gift we might we receive. Usually we have a good idea what that gift might be; we probably even asked for it. But people occasionally surprise us with that one special thing we wanted more than anything else.

This year with only four months to our comic, the three of us received our special Christmas gift: traffic to the comic is exploding. In our first week this month, the total visits erupted in numbers that surpassed previous monthly totals. Two weeks later we surpassed that miraculous week’s traffic in a single day.

99.9% of that traffic was probably one-time readers. Then there is our “direct” traffic. We know a lot of that direct traffic represents repeat readers, and also we know (more than likely) they are people we know personally. You lovely people take the time to read each week, and are kind enough to offer support or comments. This Christmas comic is for those people; you won’t get it if you haven’t read since the beginning.

This comic shows what Oz, Kham, and Sam would receive as their ideal gift. You’ve already given us ours. Some of us don’t like to touch people, but if you identify yourself as a reader I will squeeze you until my thanks and appreciation passes into your unconscious body. I love you all. Happy Holidays!

And now our individual thanks:

automaton: I’d like to thank Future Worlds and the angry China owner for giving my youth hours of something to do instead of school. I hope she’s in a happy place now with no teens.

Sopes: We are nearing the end of our 4th month and it has been an awesome experience watching our comic grow. Many, many thanks to all our readers for the continued support. I wish everyone a fun holiday and greeting cards with sexy tiger pics.