I loved Mega Man as a young gamer. I would sit there for hours playing with him. I was highly convinced he was a boy; I mean, he grew up with an old Doctor, his best friend was a dog, and he fought enemies which summarize the essence of random objects. Sounds like a normal childhood to me. Unfortunately some of this love may have crossed over into the adult me, and it may manifest itself in strange ways, from time to time. But to be honest, this love wouldn’t be the first.

Mega Man as a game tried to teach kids things, like scissors are sharp and they will cut you, or drills are useful for.. drilling. However, I learned much more important things while I played: I learned that you can only destroy drills with missiles, skulls with dust, wood with metal and magnets with needles. In essence, everything has one weakness and it may not be what you expect. Perhaps this is the kind of thing they should teach in school.

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