There’s a lot of steps between Capcom coming up with a name for a special attack and what you hear. Observe the following flow-chart:

misheard special attacks street fighter flow chart

And good luck if you were a kid trying to figure this shit out before the internet. Now you’re arguing with your friends and who knows what the hell they hear. (Case in point: My friend assured me that when Earthworm Jim was saying, “WWhhhheeeeeee Doggy!” that he was saying, “Hhhhheeeeeyyyyyy MON!” with a Jamaican accent.)

Here, listen for yourself. I swear to God he’s saying TAI-KOO-KLAA-CHA.

A special thanks to who we stole “Tiger Apricot” from, and then made it “Hyper Apricot” because we’re sure we hear “Hyper,” not “Tiger.”