Now that Kinect is among us reviews have been oddly positive. The consensus: People see potential.

My stance has always been “I am waiting to see Michael Jackson: The Experience.” Until I see something that can teach me to moonwalk, I’m not interested.

But that’s how systems work. If I want to play Final Fantasy VII then I have to buy a Playstation. If I want to challenge the world at Smash Bros. Brawl I have to buy a Wii.

Few are super excited about Kinect launch titles. One reviewer thought a Kinect game was so bad he only played it for half an hour and didn’t give it a score.

Chris Grant from Joystiq said is if Microsoft sells the 5 million units they are expecting while attached to a system that is already in 44.4 million homes Kinect might entice developers. Ubisoft is already doing three launch titles for Kinect (which is less than the seven they did for Wii) but they’re pioneers. They are also making my Michael Jackson experience.

So we wait.

In the meantime, let Jean Luc demonstrate the rage that is in hardcore gamer hearts.