Most comedy-related sites play pranks on on April Fools. But I can’t do it to you friends, I love you too damn much.

But I will gladly cram more funny down your throat. Not my funny, but funny nonetheless. You might remember this topic from such posts such as “Try a Podcast.” The central figure behind my Joystiq recommendation in that post – Justin McElroy – has another podcast he does with his younger brothers Travis and Griffin.

Their show My Brother My Brother and Me is an advice show. They mostly answer reader questions and e-mails, but they also explore things like questions from Yahoo Answers. Let me get my cheese slicer and get you some of that cheddar (as they would say):

Yahoo Answers User: There are some nights where I take the Algebra book back into my room, and jack off to the numbers. Number 3 is my favourite because it’s so sexy

The Brothers get into the discussion:

Justin: What is the sexiest number everybody?

Griffin: See listen, listen we’re not ready for that conversation yet, we’ll get to that. But I think we need to come up with some rules first. Are we talking about fucking the idea of a number –

Travis: The important thing is to not fuck anything under sixteen.

Joystiq is still my number two guy, but MBMBaM?

Once my Joystiq and MBMBaM is finished I go right to my Dean Blundell Show. They have this new bit where they make a young man named Adrian read the weather. He might have genuine mental problems, but the best I can describe him is someone who has a child’s concept of what is funny, but a man’s rage. As a kid you don’t understand when things are funny or not, you immitate what you hear people laugh at as best you can and everything is trial and error. A lot of your humour is awkward or horrifically unfunny. But sometimes, just sometimes, like Mar. 21st’s episode with about 36:30 to go, children stumble upon a unique, and unpredictable humour-mine.