Whoever you are, you go places. And I know damn well it takes you time to get there. If you drive you might listen to the news or some CDs. Maybe you plug in your iPod and shuffle through familiar friends. Commuters might read a newspaper or a book (those fancypants).

I suspect few listen to podcasts. And if you don’t, I implore you to try a podcast for one day.

I sense you dig in your heels, creature of habit. “I need my news,” you say. But people love talking about news as a precursor to sharing their opinion, so let your co-worker or friend tell you about news this one day. Let them have the spotlight on their opinion – they’ll love that shit. This is a social good.

Put away your everyday music.

My favourite podcast is the Joystiq podcast. I’ve sampled several video games podcasts: The Gamasutra Podcast, Giant Bombcast, Mobcast, Three Red Lights, Major Nelson Radio, Rebel FM, Brutal Gamer podcast, and 1UP Radio. Not all have survived my interest. (On a related note, if anyone knows what happened to host Tom Kim of the Gamasutra podcast please, please give me his contact info so I can send love letters)

The Joystiq Podcast has three distinct and individually charming voices. It feels like they share a discussion rather than a queue where each gets a turn on the soapbox. Their opinions have reasons. And Justin McElroy’s cackle, and off-kilter asides tickle me endlessly. This morning I listened to their Tokyo Game Show podcast where Justin sang an electronic ballad which mourned being left behind at “The United States of Lonely,” and mixed in his sobs as harmonized accompaniment. It was like the Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and John C. Reilly song at the Oscars, but better.

So if you really just zone out to music while you ride public transportation for half an hour, please know there’s more flavours out there. I won’t hide them from you anymore friend.