Today’s comic was greatly inspired by a joke a friend of mine told me at work. It went something like this:

Person 1: I have a new girlfriend. She┬┤s 90-60-90…
Person 2: She’s purple?

I also found almost the exact same joke on Bash, if you want to read that instead.

I actually didn’t know hexadecimal when I was a kid. Well, I mean, I knew THIS hexadecimal, but that’s not the same. I would edit hex frequently though, in Hex Workshop. Sometimes it was to cheat in a game, sometimes it was just to remove a watermark. All I knew was that I had to change those “weird numbers and letters.”

As for being a Cock Doctor, I’m not sure any child aspires to that particular job. But if I was a teacher, and a student handed in a test with a penis on it, I would give them an A+. Who needs math when you can draw like that?