They say continuity in a comic can be a bad idea, but from what I gather the first comic in this series didn’t make sense to people. Maybe it needs to be explicit.

Tell me, fair reader, have you ever sat on the toilet and wondered if your poop was a good poop? You probably judge by the feel but how do you know? Maybe everyone should have poop diaries or poop blogs where we share what we ate and how we felt when we pooped. “Here is a picture of the bowel movement this food created, thoughts?” I’ve got some thoughts. Make me a fucking international registry of healthy poop pictures so I can compare. There’s all kinds of books out there I can read on healthy eating, daily requirements, and studies that that show what types of foods correlate to people who don’t have dyspraxia. But what if it was simpler than that? What if I all I needed was to look at a picture of a healthy shit and compare it to my own every day, until they were identical?

Take my hand. Let’s make this dream a reality. Start your poop blog. Put up pictures of your shit. I will read it every day, and we will both be better people.