Having recently re-watched all of TNG, I can tell you with confidence that there are some episodes that are not good. While it is often argued that the series had to “beard”, this can’t excuse an episode in Season 7: Masks, which is the basis for today’s comic. If you enjoyed this episode, I would like to hear from you, mostly so I can mock you.

Of course, having said that, some episodes which I initially found boring I later found myself referencing as often as possible. I don’t know why this happened, but all I can say is: Shaka, when the walls fell.

On a seperate note, have you ever noticed just how many shuttles Voyager loses? By my count, at the end of Season 2 they’ve already lost 5. To quote this random forum I found which argues about it:

In season five’s “Alice” when Tom wants that shuttle, Chakotay says, “Tom we already have a full complement of shuttles, including the Delta Flyer.” Yet they had already lost a great deal of shuttles, so where does the FULL complement come from?”

Where indeed. It’s a mystery, kind of like this image:

random TNG image

I really could look at Jean Luc all day.