I’m going to use this comic to tell you a bit about our scriptwriting. Nearly a year ago I had an idea for a Red Dead Redemption script about how hilariously aggressive the bears are in the game. If you’ve played it you know that once you enter the the “Tall Trees” you are in bearland. Bearland isn’t cuddly like you’d think. You seldom see a bear standing still here unless you are very far away. Bears only run, kill, and roar as they attack. Like a bear ninja army. “Approach unseen. Run swiftly. Attack in numbers. Roar only as you strike. Make man fear the bears.”

There’s a lot of material here. I laughed as I wrote out my original draft for the comic, but I was laughing at the ideas, not they way they were presented. When I showed it to automaton he didn’t get it. We reworked it a few times and then filed it away as a failure. The idea might be funny, but making it work isn’t guaranteed. Some of our comic drafts have had more than 20 revisions. I wonder how other comic authors handle this process. Or how some creators write and draw the comic too. There’s probably a unity of vision there, but where’s that second voice and sense of humour? Looking back on that draft now it is clear it didn’t work, but at the time if it had just been me we would have done that original draft from a year ago. It is nowhere near as good as this comic.

Also, you might notice this isn’t comic isn’t about Red Dead Redemption or bears anymore. “It was too much,” I guess. That is why automoton and I are not painters.