This comic isn’t exactly a new frontier, but there’s a reason people make these jokes. The video below isn’t the only way to reproduce this glitch. Somewhere in testing there must have been two kinds of Navi camps: One that claimed “Navi be squawkin’ WAY too much!” and then some high up guy who was like “SHE SHOULD SQUAWK MOOOAAARRR!” (I’m looking at you Yoichi Yamada).

But someone out there in the world who worked on that Ocarina of Time dev team knows why Navi turned out as she did. Reportedly, Ocarina of Time uses a heavily modified version of the Super Mario 64 engine. And there isn’t anything quite like Navi in Mario 64, so I imagine Shigeru Miyamoto walking around saying “Ganbatte” a lot, which loosely translated means “beat yourself into perfection, or the nation will do it for you.”