In Kindergarten Cop when John Kimble asks his kids: “Who is your Daddy, and what does he do” each kid has to think about what little information they’ve learned from their Fathers. Answers are varied:

  • “Our mom says our dad is a real sex machine.”
  • “My dad’s a gynecologist. He looks at vaginas all day long.”

Luke on the other hand knows exactly what his Daddy does. Is he going reflect on his Father’s final moments? That last tender gaze at his Father’s horribly scarred face? It’s possible, Luke was always a bit of a tool. But let’s be honest — he’s going to think of his hand. I mean it’s a robot hand. Surely it has issues in the winter, requires maintenance or has accidentally squeezed his Johnson a little too hard. A man never forgets a pain like that. He carries that hatred deep below the Jedi training. That’s why when Luke gives into his anger he instinctively hammers on his Father’s lightsaber until he cuts Vader’s hand off.

Deep hate.

Beyond that, I’m sure Luke would be challenged to think of his Daddy’s good actions. Chosen one my ass. You don’t balance things by killing nearly all the Jedi, then outliving Yoda, killing the Emperor, and having a son that promotes education in both Light and Dark Jedi training. Vader is just a fuck up.