Steve Jobs is an asshole. I must have written that guy 50 e-mails, and he never responded. I wrote a few personal letters too. While it’s true that most of my deliveries were things like “you have nice hair” and “I bet you smell like my dreams” which are more statements than questions, he still could have responded. He could have given me something.

I think at this point everyone is aware that Apple’s iPhone “store” is a walled garden. It’s tough to get in there, real tough. But once you’re in there’s all sorts of fun stuff to play with. Like birds, albeit, angry ones. This isn’t entirely different from a dictatorship country, where some overlord decides what will and will not be imported into their precious land. That’s Apple; I picture Steve Jobs brooding over what to import into his kingdom by day, and trying to placate his serf’s e-mails by night.

Android doesn’t really have this problem, but it does have others. I realize my pointing out flaws in both Android and the iPhone contradicts months of forum battles where zealots from each side meet on the battleground and exchange words, each side never progressing and both steadfast in their absolute belief that their platform is better. Why they feel the need to so defend “their” platform is beyond me. Hopefully they don’t come here and see me; to them, I must be a traitor. Or a messiah. Time will tell.