One day Brian Russell and I got in a heated argument about the Brontosaurus and Pluto. We began the argument as a joke, but somehow I was upset that he called the Brontosaurus fake, and he was upset that I called Pluto fake. His response was to draw a quick sketch:

It was the most peaceable solution to an argument I’d ever encountered. Even though we were kidding around I learned a lesson from his “apology sketch” because it brought two points of view to the same level. I’ve spoken about this before, but I see Brian as my webcomic conciliary. When I have problems with webcomic promotion or scripts I ask him for advice or inspiration.

Now Brian has a baby girl who will look to him for advice on everything. While considering this, Brian realized his daughter would never learn about the Brontosaurus and all those other things we’d learned about dinosaurs as kids that scientists have now disproved. So Brian (as he states in his Kickstarter video) has decided to “to share [his] love for dinosaurs and hopefully inspire a new generation to learn all about these creatures that have captivated the hearts and minds of millions of people.” So he compiled a humourous book of those facts that retells the dinosaur history as we learned it.

I’ve watched Brian progress on this project bit by bit for months. I’ve seen the sketches, read the full PDF version, and each time I see a page I’m reminded of the warmth of that Brontosaurus and Pluto sitting together at a bar. And I’m in. I’ve supported the Kickstarter, I’m excited about my perks, and I can’t wait to purchase a copy for my nieces and nephews so they can learn all about the Brontosaurus too.

I don’t care what scientists say, the Brontosaurus was awesome. Please check out Brian’s Kickstarter project here: