Largely webcomics are free, but at some point life, healthy eating, appropriate amounts of exercise, significant others, children, bills, taxes, friends, eight hours of sleep, volunteer work, free time, and society as a whole will realistically require some kind of income to justify the amount of time spent on making webcomics. They can be tricky to monetize.

One of my favourite webcomics is Space Avalanche. It is written and drawn by a guy named Eoin Ryan. One of the things that struck me was how well he could storyboard a comic to fascilitate a joke. His style directly inspired this comic and probably this one as well. Whenever someone one Twitter says they could use a laugh, I send one these:

Recently Eoin added a donation hat above his site. If he makes enough he will make one comic a week (currently new comics appear sporadically, but they are always awesome). I’ve seen similar models where once a donation level is received, the webcomic creator will do a bonus comic in addition to the schedule. Eoin’s plan is more like “founding his dreams.”

I put my money in the hat and will continue to do so. More Space Avalanche comics are worth it.