The other day on UUDD’s Twitter account I followed Octopus Tree House. I don’t recall precisely why. I believe we were expanding our network and I found them through our friend Brian / The Underfold. Sometimes on Twitter if you follow someone they follow you back and even take a peek at your work. Shortly after we get a message from OctopusHouse:

I reply:

They respond quickly:

My kind of people: Fearless and inventive. I follow the link on their Twitter page which leads to purchasable prints of their art. Their posters are mainly cartoony renditions of villains from Star Wars. The villains have big eyes and big heads, but tiny bodies. I see a picture of little Darth Vader squatting and using a magnifying glass on a mini mouse droid (I think it’s that squeaky droid that Chewie growls at on the Death Star). His lightsaber lays inconsequentially on the ground beside him. They call it “The Front Yard.” CUTE.

I get an idea for one-upmanship.

A little while later I get a message in my Etsy account from Paul and Jess (the lovely people behind Octopus Tree House). The post office made them write on the envelope and they’re worried the prints are damaged and assure me they will certainly replace them if that is the case. They are very apologetic. It’s sweet. I tell them: “We all good.”

Kind messages with the Octopus Tree House logo show up on our comics. Sopes in particular loves comments; it’s his favourite thing about the comic.

Some time passes and they message me again:

I get the print that night at my door. Look at what I find inside:

#touched. The tweets Paul, Jess and I exchanged initially were tiny, but the impact the exchange created was huge. Social media can be a grueling place at times especially if it’s mixed with promoting yourself. You send out your work and your thoughts into the social abyss and sometimes nothing comes back. Remember this story when you get frustrated with social media and doubt its potential (as I have in the past).

I’m going to hang these by my computer next to the framed prints of our first comics and the hand-carved wood art of Bruce Lee. I like surrounding myself with images that inspire me.

Hey Paul and Jess: I just blogged about Octopus Tree House. Deal with THAT.

Love always,

2D / Sean / Up Up Down Down