Considering that my project (where I re-watch and write about the movies that made me love movies) is the exact opposite of what Two Guys One Movie A Day sets out to do (watch and write up a movie they haven’t seen every day) it was very kind of Jim and Puneet to allow me to be a guest writer on their site for a week.

Normally I do my post once a week. I usually watch the movie one night, take notes, then do the majority of the writing on another night. Sometimes I edit in the morning. If I’m really busy one week I’ll watch the movie in slices or do everything in one night.

Jim and Puneet don’t have as many options. I know Jim has a personal goal of watching one movie and doing one write-up every day, but Puneet only missed one day last week. When they were interviewed on the Media Pulp I remember Jim answered a question about how he maintains this kind of dedication. “I don’t know,” he said, “it just becomes a part of your routine, like, ‘oh now it’s time to watch a movie.'”

I get that. I got into a routine of: come home, put on movie, write post. Sometimes I’d have to write until about 1 AM, but I know there are times these guys even later. By Sunday I’d gotten sleepy. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a complex film; there’s all kinds of angles to take in discussing it. I fought writing that post all day.

Jim and Puneet have been doing this for seven months. As busy as I get it’s pretty rare to write seven posts in a week. I have a lot of respect for their dedication. I’m sure few possess it.

I consider myself privileged to have experienced it. Thanks again to Jim and Puneet for that chance. You should go check out their site too. Read some of their reactions to classic films, comment on them, and allow yourself to scan their list of posts and say, “Now there’s a movie people have told me to watch; I just haven’t got around to it.” Make time. It’s well worth it.