I try not to merge my other projects with the comic. It feels a bit unseemly. But I’ve seen people looking at my Griff the Invisible post so this might be of interest. Ready? Take your hand. Wipe it down my fucking face. Get ready to see me.

A lot of my non-comic time is spent writing movie reviews or movie-related posts. Currently I am working on an “Auto Film Biography” or AFB for short. I write one post a week about the movies of my childhood. The purpose is to re-create the series of movie experiences that made me love movies. Mostly, however, it seems to be a good exercise in adding personal experience to my writing.

I also spend a lot of time networking with other movie writers. One site I’ve talked about before is 2guys1movie.com. The idea of doing a movie review a day between two guys is genius. I’ve since spent a lot of time talking to Jim and Puneet on Twitter. They are the best kind of people you’ll find on Twitter – you should follow them. One of the rules for their site is they must watch a movie they’ve never seen before. It’s great to read someone’s fresh perspective on classics like Jim’s post on Philidelphia or Puneet’s first experience with Aliens. They’ve even been featured on the Media Pulp podcast (Episode 5).

Secretly when I first read about the site I wished it was something I could take part in. This week they were kind enough to give me that chance.

I will experience what they experience. I will continue my Auto-Film-Biography project that follows movies that impacted me growing up, watching one of them a day for one week. Starting tonight. Then at the end of the week I will come back here and try to convey glimpse of what doing their project must be like.

Even though our posts and aims are completely different they have accepted me as a guest writer. I can’t thank them enough. Check for my posts and theirs (they will still be posting at the same time!) this week on http://www.2guys1movie.com/. Here are the movies I’ll be covering:

It’s going to be a great week.