I spend a fair bit of time whoring myself out on the internet. Currently I spend most of that whoring time on Twitter and StumbleUpon. Any good whore knows you can’t just solicit people, you’ve got to “work it baby” (sending out links you want to share is useless unless you’re interacting with people). But I like people, and I’ve stumbled upon some wonderful people and some great projects. Here are my current finds:

Two Guys One Movie A Day

I heard of these guys because I noticed all these high profile Twitter users talking to BlackSymbiote, so I followed him too. This year he and friend kommradeObvious launched Two Guys One Movie a Day. It’s exactly what it sounds like. I used to read a blog by a guy who tried one-guy-one-movie-a-day. Wonderful writer, but it’s incredibly ambitious to watch a movie and write a review every single day. What if you had to go a wedding or a funeral that was far away? A vacation? A year is a long time. But TWO guys – that works.

What’s fascinating about their project is its perpetual “new friend” feel. When you make a new friend and start sharing interests you invariably want to recommend things you think they’d enjoy in the hopes they will enjoy it as much as you did. The internet is full of people who want to share experiences, and even if they don’t read Two Guys One Movie A Day they can vote on “What Gangster movie they should watch.” And because their project requires them to watch so many films they NEED input. Brilliant idea for a site.

Pixels and Popcorn

I admit, I just found this last night. They started following me on Twitter and I checked out episode 24. Their format seems to be a game and a movie for every episode. It’s three hosts: Amanda, Kent and Tim sitting on a couch and talking while a digitally inserted screen behind them plays scenes from the movie or game. Episode 24 discussed the movie Unknown and Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

I immediately enjoyed the dynamic. It was fun watching Kent struggle to explain balance to Amanda and Tim (who seem less fighting game savvy). Amanda and Tim were saying some characters seem inherently better than others. Street Fighter aficionados know that with the right amount of time and skill each character should be balanced, but at the bottom of their “way of the warrior” hearts they feel Sagat has certain advantages.

I look forward to more from this site.


I don’t remember how I found this comic. Probably from StumbleUpon. I frequently look at other comics just to get an idea of what’s out there, and do a mental match up (i.e. my comic could beat up your comic).

Sometimes we try ideas and miss, and I think this is true of all webcomics; not every comic can be universally enjoyed. But this guy has a lot of freedom in his panel design, and he has terrific punchline setup. So many of his comics hit. It’s a shame this comic doesn’t get more traffic.

Check out my latest favourite that has a Sailor Moon reference. I eat that shit up: Preconceived Emotions.

No surprise to see from his blog posts that he’s also an engaging and talented writer. I’m a fan.