These days I mostly listen to music at work. For a brief period I listened to a new album someone recommended on my iPod every day, but lately I haven’t put much effort into finding new music.

I use YouTube instead. I started getting into it when I began my social media whoring, thinking one day I might use it for video reviews.

I have a friend at work and nearly every day we send each other songs from YouTube. He’s Bulgarian so I get a LOT of music I can’t stand. He loves Armin van Buuren so I get a lot of that, he’ll send gypsy music, and things like Les Grossman dancing to Ludacris. But I’m also pretty sure he sent me this Chris Cornell cover because he knows I love Michael Jackson:

I downloaded his whole Live from Sweden album and it became my favourite for a long time. I must have listened to it a lot because it came to mind even when I hadn’t listened to it recently, like a comforting tune.

Here’s my Bulgarian friend’s latest worthy find:

I also listen to trailers like people listen to music, sometimes even if they don’t have great trailer music. Trailers like: Kamui. Gaiden.

A lot of my YouTube favourites these days are songs from movies I listen to while I write reviews.

There are even a few YouTube artists I follow, like this girl from guitarchickz:

But after I run through the recently uploaded videos, and listen to the good ones on repeat a few times I’m all out of content. Feel free to extend your suggestions. I will listen to anything. Even gypsy music.