Griff the Invisible deserves more than to be compared to other super hero movies, but super heroes are all about combat. A super hero’s nature demands us to ask: “Who is stronger, Superman or Hulk?” Or: “Who would win in a fight between the two?” People ask these questions because a super hero is only as interesting as his struggle, and we want to explore what they can overcome.

Since Griff lives in a non-super reality and has no powers, people would want to know if Kick Ass would beat Griff in a fight but the simple answer is: “There wouldn’t be one.” Griff spends his life working on an invisibility costume and then hiding that costume from people. Unlike Kick Ass, his enemies may or may not be entirely in his imagination; the two may not even be able to share a reality.

Kick Ass continues the recent comic trend of shock value. Much like Mark Millar’s Wanted, Kick Ass thrives in the realm of mastrubation and nudity. As a child I would have savoured every page of Wanted. But would I have identified with the main character’s struggle?

Griff the Invisible has more laughs than Kick Ass. It doesn’t require any shock value to be funny because watching someone blur the lines between reality and fantasy is hilarious. You might not find Griff as entertaining as Kick Ass (considering it has little to no action) but you will find it more true.