While we didn’t do a Valentine’s Day comic this year I feel this is the next best thing. Ronnie who does Whomp! Comic was kind enough to do a guest comic for us and I love it.

In an Avatar-esque fashion its as if he limply ran his down the front of our faces and said, “I see you.” This comic understands both us and our audience. To take a comic and make an homage to its style or spirit is one thing, but to speak to it is entirely another. It’s remarkable. I guess what I’m trying to say Ronnie is … you can take your hair tendril thingy and our hair tendril thingy and do what you please, ANYTIME.

Long-time readers know about Whomp! already. We did an interview with Ronnie a few months ago and if you missed it I encourage you to read it. I also encourage you to click on the collage of my favourite Whomp! comics at the top of that interview. (Here. Are. Some. More. Of. My. Recent. Favourites.)

You can find more of Whomp! on his Facebook page (which has 598 likes – you know what to do) and Twitter. Also, please buy his book. He makes three consistently awesome strips a week for free which probably takes longer than a part time job does. Can you imagine going to a restaurant, having the best server you’ve ever had, then leaving with the knowledge that server doesn’t get paid and gets $1.00 in the joint pool of tips each week? Well it’s not such a crazy analogy~

Thanks again Ronnie! I’m hanging this on my wall.

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