Ammo in Resident Evil cannot be created, but it can certainly be destroyed.

As we sat down to play Resident Evil 5 I told automaton, “Resident Evil isn’t like other shooting games. They purposefully limit your ammo so that you are afraid of losing it all and having no ammo. Now, take this magnum/ammo and be responsible.” I didn’t see him do this, but he later told me he would kill enemies with the magnum then fire (repeatedly) into their harmless, defeated, corpses.

He ran out of ammo quickly.

Still, I much preferred playing with a friend rather than those random people you find on Xbox Live. One time I played a player vs. player match with some dude from Japan. Even after years of Resident Evil games I was nowhere near as good as the people online. But my Japanese teammate did not appreciate my lack of skill. After we lost the match he sent me a succinct message:

“kill urself”

I’m not sure his English teachers would be proud.