This comic is a sequel comic to our first Sims comic. We realize this is a drastic departure from our regular comics and that it’s not everyone’s bag, but there is a deep, tiny, squishy pocket of people who love these Sims comics. Next week right back to normal.

New town, new home, same rules — Joanna Player still collects and cages husbands. Joanna would be a wanted woman in this new town, but when you imprison or kill everyone from back home, who’s gonna tell? Her success at avoiding capture has, however, made her careless and confident. No more holding men in cages “out back,” she now simply erects an enclosure in the basement. To be fair most people who come in rarely get out, but what’s this? Two tables and only one chair? You bitch.

One night a handsome stranger comes to the door. His name is Caesar. He’s also new to town and recently purchased a lot, but his house hasn’t been built yet. With no enclosure and no bed Caesar stumbles the neighbourhood looking for somewhere warm to sleep.

Oh Caesar. Wrong house, bro.

There’s something special about Caesar. Joanna offers him one of her own, un-drugged juice boxes. She prepares his meal thoughtfully. His hazel eyes seem more human than other men’s. Placid. Unassuming.

Joanna trusts him and unleashes her horrific life story on Caesar. She tells him about her poor, disapproving parents she abandoned. About her first husband. The cage out back. The ant farm structure she built and the dozens of people she invited over, trapped inside watched through the glass with unfeeling eyes while she ate a grilled cheese sandwich.

You know, the usual baggage.

Caesar listens, but does not judge.

Joanna allows Caesar to leave, but he comes back. Sure killing people is wrong, but he sees the good in her. The conflict. For the first time since her parents Joanna feels a connection with someone. Joanna begins to lose her anger and desperation.

Caesar no! It’s a trap!!

True love and marriage doesn't change what Joanna has done. But before the caged
men can be freed they must be changed. They are devolved and violent, unfit for society. Caesar believes he can rehabilitate them. His plan is to enter the pen and approach them as equals, like Jane Goodall and the chimps. He
will learn their social interactions, gain their trust, then empower them to become men again.

But first he must empower Joanna to trust herself. The first test is simple. Joanna must be able to handle seeing Caesar behind a cage.

Having practiced, talked out his plan, and chosen safe words with Joanna, Caesar closes himself inside the cage.

Like all dominant primates, Caesar meets the alpha male’s gaze, but alpha male merely snorts. This is cage talk for “How am I to take you seriously? You’re not even wearing a leather jacket.”

Days pass. Amidst the stink, the uneaten cake, the crowded urinal, Caesar begins to know anger and desperation.

In his desperation, Caesar decides to further devolve their social structure, so he has a lower plateau from which to build them up. He implements “Operation No Pants.” The Alpha male revolts.

Joanna feels Caesar’s experiment needs to stop and she removes him from the pen. Something has changed in Caesar’s eyes.

He begins working out in a fervor. He’s changed. It seems like nothing is more important to him than his own strength.

Once he feels he is strong enough, Caesar re-enters the pen and savagely leaps atop the alpha male, hammering on his leather jacket with primal anger.

With the alpha male defeated, Caesar uses his knowledge of fence opening to free
his exhausted, starving, suicidal brethren.

They set fire to Joanna’s place of worship: The TV Room.

Now free on the streets, Caesar threatens the tiny humans.

Then, exhausted, they fall asleep.

Joanna returns to the only place that makes sense to her anymore. She begins a new book to take her mind off her failed redemption and mourn her television set. How to Make Friends and Influence People.