If you think you might use twitter some day and want to use your name or favourite handle, I’d check that shit out right now.

I’m half kidding; you’re too late. You were too late months ago. But hey, as I wrote this post I checked my name and it was there. I must be special.

This is why you see so many celebrity accounts that say THE Kevin Butler, or Jeri MIDDLENAMELETTER Ryan. If you’re important enough you can get your account “verified” by Twitter which means Twitter CEO Evan Williams tested your blood and sniffed your stool to verify the person tweeting from that account is indeed who they say they are. Jeri Ryan got verified in days. Adrianne Curry has failed the verification process twice. Why? Maybe she didn’t pass the poop test.

Twitter evolves as do its users. Currently I’ve decided Twitter is an ongoing conversation and I’ll only follow people who tweet words and opinions and not just links. My latest hobby is to unfollow linksmiths and hashmouths.

Subsequently you can follow us on Twitter. You can’t make uu_dd famous enough to get a poop test because it’s not an individual account. But we have