There’s a gentleman who automaton works with who doesn’t play Diablo 3 himself anymore, he has a bot instead. Each morning he starts up his bot so that it can play the game for him while he’s at work, killing mobs in the hopes that one will drop a rare item he can sell on the auction house.

Every day we see him he says, “You guys should play Diablo 3, it’s great,” because in his mind he’s still playing the game. He looks forward to interacting with his bot like you would a pet. “Hey boy, what’s that item you have in your mouth? Is it a legendary? No!? Bad. Bad botty! Now you play all night and think about what you did.”

He sounds genuinely concerned when he talks about the bots’ well-being. “What happens when the server goes down?” we ask him. He droops his head, “Yea, that’s a problem. The bot doesn’t like that.” He is often afraid Blizzard will discover his bot and shut down his account. But what can he do? He loves that bot. People do crazy things for love.