Sam’s final words actually came out of automaton’s mouth. I was explaining to him how, after Schindler’s List, I read about how Steven Spielberg became involved with a lot of different projects, but still managed to make time for his family. Also that his time for the next few years was likely booked and Robopocalypse was the only sci fi from Steven he was likely to see. automaton was not pleased with this.

I don’t think we’ve yet conveyed in a comic his insatiable hunger for sci fi. He’s a junkie and I’m one of his enablers. If there’s a sci fi movie coming out, no matter how bad it seems, I will go see it with him. I once began writing a science fiction short story for him which he deemed, “too old tech, not enough new tech.” I can only help him so much.

Please reach out to him people. Papa needs his hit. Steven just ain’t gonna provide enough for him. I’m going to give you some ground rules:

  • No short stories
  • No movies prior to 1980
  • He’s read many classic sci fi books, so less Neuromancer, War of the Worlds, Foundation titles, more fringe titles with a good pace, like The Gate to Women’s Country