I was so excited we finally made a Day of the Tentacle script that I told a few people it was coming, thinking they would get excited. But mostly I got: “What’s Day of the Tentacle?”


Day of the Tentacle is an adventure game similar to Sierra titles like King’s Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, or Space Quest. (It’s a sequel to Maniac Mansion, it’s pixely, glorious Mother, which you can actually play in DOTT.) In these games you walk around gathering items and using/combining them to accomplish specific tasks. For example, one task in Day of the Tentacle is to paint a fence white, so you can shove a cat under there to make it look like a skunk, which you can then use to clear a room of people. Here, taste the intro:

It’s everything you could ask from a time-travelling, tentacle-taking-over-the-world, comedy, adventure game. Somewhere out there games like this surely still exist. Please, if you know any of them, suggest them in the comments below. It will make our world a better place.