uudd 2011 04 06 luke i am your daddy

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  1. bman (The Underfold)

    That was the best breakdown I’ve read about Star Wars in a long time. That’s why the original movies are so great.

  2. codito

    “squeezed his Johnson a little too hard” = snorted coffee out my nose :-)

    Bro, you and your crew here have sick minds… I like it!

    Way too much visual there, but what about the audio? Do you suppose Luke whines even while pleasuring himself? On the plus side, he can oil his robot hand and self-gratify at the same time…

    As for “balance”, I would think as a wordsmith you would recognize the double meaning potential in that Jedi prophecy… wiping everyone out is one kind of balance…

    Ok, back to work. Keep those awesome comics coming!

  3. Anthony


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