uudd 2010 09 01 darkstrigers

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  1. automaton

    seven months is a long time. your intent to steal my words is new information to me, i may stop talking to you over this.

  2. Kraz

    Are you sure you didnt spell Liger wrong? They are pretty much my favorite animal.. bred for its skills in witchcraft!

  3. Jondare

    (yes i know its a long time ago, god bless stumbleupon)

    The easter eggs:
    Pac man poster
    Striger, or Striga, a monster from The Witcher. Also the tiger lady, the only Striga we ever see has the same “haircut” and colour.

    Yeah, think thats it…

    • automaton

      you found more than me, and i helped write it. so you win. your prize is more comics, in the future.

  4. qwizztest

    Darkstalkers!!! There was a arcade/video game called DarkSTALKERS that had a very similar hybrid cat/chick character awhile back.

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