In World of Warcraft I am a female warrior. Wise man say: “You will look at the back of this character for many hours, so on which gender’s ass would you like to gaze?”

Beyond that people seem to treat me better. I haven’t seen any recent statistics on what percentage of men and women play World of Warcraft, but deep in my heart I know: lotta dicks out there. And those dicks will be on their best behaviour if there is a chance I am actually a woman in real life, and not what the movie Gattaca might call “a borrowed ladder.”

If I’m guilty of anything it’s taking a little too much pride in my appearance. Up until recently I had won more unofficial beauty contests than any of my friends. These beauty contests are simple: Stand next to one character, and ask a random player to point to who they think is prettier.

Perhaps this contest can spill over into Up Up Down Down. Maybe it would just be automaton and I, but I accept a beauty challenge from anyone. Send us an email with a picture of your prettiest WoW character (making sure the picture excludes any in-game names or personal information) and we will have our own beauty contest here, FaceMash style.