Ironically I had a similar experience trying to add Mark Zuckerberg to my circles. You know, I refresh and I refresh, but every refresh the update never says “Mark Zuckerberg added you on Google+.”

Hold me.

If you aren’t on Google+ already, you’re missing out. You won’t fully understand today’s joke. See what you’ve done? We’ve still got invites if you’re not on Google+ yet, just throw us an email at uudd.webcomic[at] and we’ll get you one. Don’t be afraid to follow us on Google+ either.

Google+ has given me so much already. It’s given me Bollywood Nyan Cats:

And earlier this week, it broke me the story of the official Dark Knight Rises teaser an hour after its release. It even gave me an opportunity to listen to a Middle Eastern podcast on video games. And I’m thankful for that. It’s a wonderful new stream of information I’m going to enjoy navigating.

Also, today is Sopes’s birthday. For our newcomers he’s the artist. Feel free to wish him a happy birthday in the comments. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!