If I told you how I really felt about Final Fantasy VII, I would have to show you on the doll where the game touched my heart, my no place, and every single one of my yes places.

Maybe that’s as truthful as I should get.

It’s not one thing that makes FFVII so special to so many people – it’s a plethora of wonderful things. Usually when I talk to people about Final Fantasy it invariably becomes a discussion of “which one is the best?” (Motorcycles smashing through windows > Cutting off hair with dagger) But really all this debate does is prevent us from talking about what makes each Final Fantasy remarkable.

Like the melancholic depths of each character’s story in FFVII. I hate Cid, but was always moved by his back story. He lives in a town where his failed dreams are metaphorically and literally visible from his window, looming over his day-to-day life. Don’t even get me started on the woman that lives with and loves him like a wife, but never shares so much as an embrace or kind word with him.

I’m getting something in both my Goddamned eyes, all right?

Today’s comic is a variation on one of the four date sequences in Final Fantasy VII. Somewhere I have a save game file that will load up to the beginning of each them, which, tragically, took 14 hours a piece and precluded YouTube. Basically, playing as the main character Cloud you could go on a date with one of the three girls: Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie, and if you played the game just right, Barret.

Sorry non-FFVII players that tiny explanation and the video below is all you get. This comic is for the other people whose chests swelled as they read my extremely disturbing introduction with the doll. I love you. Hold my fucking hand.