How does the female praying mantis maneuver into head biting position? It must be tricky when you’re long and don’t have a lot of joints like a Barbie. Can you imagine a rear mounted Barbie suddenly biting off Ken’s head? She can’t even bend her knees and elbows … Similarly, should Kham really worry about decapitation during Black Ops? It just seems unlikely. Then again, if you were the boy who could play two games with a controller in each hand you would consider a decapitation/victory a possibility.

For those who must know the answer, wise, sage, and relentlessly unforgiving Wikipedia tells us that:

The act of dismounting is one of the most dangerous times for males during copulation, for it is at this time that females most frequently cannibalize their mates.

SEGUE! Did you know that Wikipedia only allows pages to exist on noteworthy things? They forbid an Up Up Down Down page. So what’s noteworthy? A site has to be linked from something “reasonably” legit. To Wikipedia, “reasonably legit” doesn’t represent an absolute line in the sand. Some webcomics deserve a Wikipedia page because they were previously hosted on WHORES that just host things for free. We paid monies for this site dog. And the three of us modified a graciously provided ComicPress theme ourselves to look as beautiful as it does now. Apparently WHORING counts and NOTORIETY in Wikipedia law.

So does anyone want to notarize us? Wink-smiley-face emoticon? Hit us up.