There’s always that one kid who is too good at video games. Way back when in our group of friends that was Sopes. I remember one time we went to our local Microplay for a Mortal Kombat 2 tournament. We only had one bike so he and his cousin doubled and I ran the whole way alongside them. Sopes’s cousin and I were defeated fairly quickly, but Sopes massacred the rest of the Junior division. At the end of it they pitted the Junior division champ (Sopes) against the Senior division champ just for fun. Sopes beat him easily.

These gifted gamers never lose their abilities. I heard a legend of how, about a year ago, Sopes attended a party where they played Halo 3 among a few other 360 titles. There were some skilled players there, namely a man named “JJ” whose Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 high score is QUADRUPLE mine. I heard Sopes was a one man team. That, if his teammates were spawning he would just run to the other side and take out the team by himself. By the end I heard people would run away if they saw him.

Every gamer dreams of standing victorious amongst his/her opponents. But only a few of us get to live that dream.