I’m not going to advocate that beating someone is a good way to teach them a lesson or skill. But I’ll tell you this exaggerated story and you can judge for yourself.

Back in high school I wasn’t the eating-with-chopsticks expert I am now. I would go to Asian restaurants and when they offered my white ass a fork, I would accept it. Not anymore.

You see, I had an abusive friend in high school who taught me how to use chopsticks. We would eat at our friend’s Japanese restaurant and he would taunt me if I tried to take a fork. Then, as I would fumble trying to work each chopstick in unison he would take his own chopsticks and whip the back of my hand.

You should see me use chopsticks now. I’ll dazzle you.

I can think of a few professions where you’d want individuals rigourously trained. Personally I’d like for a doctors in walk-in clinics to show me their “schooling scars” — you know those doctors don’t fuck around.