I read this theory on Twitter. It struck me as very true. Facebook for many is like the refrigerator of their lives that everyone can see. Trip to somewhere? Up it goes. Proud accomplishment? Make sure people can see it. A lot of people share links to stories that’s true. But why do they share it? A friend of mine recently told me, “I want to share a link knowing I got there first.”

I suppose it’s the inevitable result of Facebook when we add our closest friends, family, then extended family, acquaintances, and that person who kept showing up in our “People you know” list until one day you just said fuck it and added them.

Twitter on the other hand isn’t something our closest friends, family, and extended family use. It’s a tundra we tend to hunt upon to find people who interest us. Lately I think of Twitter as an empty room you can fill with anyone you want to have a dialogue with. The other thing I’ve thought about Twitter lately is their users don’t click shit. I say that confidently knowing no one came to this web page from a Twitter post about it. That’s a bit far. It does happen, but it is rare.

I suppose that’s the inevitable result of Twitter being a constant stream of updates you might miss if the number of people you follow is high enough. Stuff gets lost in the stream. Twitter people are harder to guide to content, its like I haven’t figured out Twitter’s underlying identity (if it has one). Facebook, on the other hand, has an identity. A desire to be the proud peacock and show your magnificent feathers. Don’t worry. I see your true colours, you lovely peacocks. I admire your identity.