Just once this week you should try out your Jedi powers on a clerk. Any clerk. Grocery store, gas station, department store, and yes, one brave person should do attempt their tricks on the man.

If you liked today’s comic you’re likely aware May 4th is “International Star Wars Day.” To celebrate one dedicated group has created an event for “May the Forth Be With You.” If you’re in the Toronto area (that’s in Canada, my American friends) the event will be held at the Toronto Underground Cinema. Festivities include:

  • photos with the Stormtroopers of the 501st Legion
  • the world’s best remixes, mash-ups, parodies, and tributes ON THE BIG SCREEN
  • original, vintage 35mm prints of all three Original Trilogy trailers
  • costume contest
  • Original Trilogy Trivia Game Show where you, the audience, plays for big prizes.

Check out more on the official home page for the event: http://starwarsdayto.com/ and follow updates on their Twitter account or the Facebook Group. Tickets are only 8 bucks, and it sounds like there are some great prizes.

Note: It is an all ages event. Droids are also welcome.