Automaton actually witnessed a street urchin use this technique. I mean, you’re supposed to agree to the small proposal for it to work, but the same fundamentals are there. How do these pan handlers learn this stuff? Is it legend passed down from one street rat to another? “Street smarts?” Is there some old, worn, psychology book that the wisest of hobos holds onto and passes whispers its secrets to the gifted?

I don’t find any one of these scenarios more likely than the other, but can’t imagine any other possibilities.

I’m going to go with the scenario with the head hobo. Clearly hobos need a system where they all sit down and discuss the problems, agree what’s in the best interest of all the hobos, and then do it.

It’s probably what they do, but the problem is that hobos don’t always agree. So I think they they should be made to.

By someone wise