I apologize to everyone who knows what overclocking is. The explanation in today’s comic is crude at best, but necessary. Contrary to popular geeky perception, it’s just not widely known.

In my youth, overclocking was the thing you did on a Sunday morning. I’ve ruined a few CPUs from overheating them. These days I just don’t have time for it. I want shit to work, and I’m not willing to mess around with it. In short, I’m lazy. If I could hire a bunch of whores to do my work for me, I would. I actually bought a board once, that went between the CPU and the motherboard that was supposed to speed up the CPU. I’m pretty sure it didn’t do anything. I’d provide a link to this mystical beast, but after an hour of searching, I couldn’t find it online. Makes me wonder if it ever existed, or if I dreamed it..

We also touch on a sensitive topic today: robots. I don’t know why, but everyone seems worried about robots replacing their job. I say that fear is irrational. I mean, if cheap sex-robots ever became a reality, there are many things prostitutes could do instead. Remedial jobs replacing $20 fans is just one of them.