Well, they’re here; the browsers of the future. Mozilla and Microsoft looked deep inside innovation, and came up with almost exactly what Chrome has been doing for over a year now. That’s not to say that some innovation didn’t occur. The version number did increase.

I probably shouldn’t be so harsh. IE9 is actually a pretty good browser, which surprised everyone who remembers other atrocities.┬áIE9 holds up well to the ACID test, and may be the fastest browser on the market for JavaScript performance. At least, for the next 5 minutes or so. But it`s nice to see such competition. I wish Canadian ISPs had such a war. Too bad the CRTC is too corrupt to ever allow that to happen.

Bear with me now, I’m going to reminisce: I remember the early days of the internet. I used Lynx and later on, Netscape Navigator. Loading a simple webpage filled with animated gifs and moving text took upwards of 5 minutes, but it was still the glory days; 4chan didn’t exist, trolls were something that lived under a bridge, and spam was completely unheard of, except as a delicious meat. I remember some of the early TV shows talking about this new fad called the ‘internet’, and they’d teach you how to click on hyperlinks, and while the linked page was taking its sweet time to load, they’d try to fill the silent gap with awkward conversation. I’m not really sure why I watched those shows.

Where is ICQ and your friends who were always online? Where is the dial-up connection that made the sound of Angels crying while connecting? They have passed like Leeroy Jenkins in Blackrock Depths. The days have gone, behind YouTube and impatience. How did it come to this?