I love you Liam Neesan, but unless a more compelling trailer comes out for Battleship I won’t be able to watch your movie. Maybe if the trailer had worked in the line “you sunk my battleship.” That’s a self-deprecating freakshow. I watch that shit. The current trailer implies you’re serious and that makes me a little sad. But a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie? You couldn’t keep me away.

I remember Hungry Hungry Hippos well. It was a fun, noisy-as-fuck game my friends and I played growing up. For those who missed it you basically launch marbles into the middle of a board and have hippos with extendible necks and mouths controlled by a lever. Press the lever and the hippo’s head extends forward and his maw opens to grab an errant marble. The player with the most marbles wins. Here: Marketing explains quickly.

There’s a reason all those kids in the commercial are little. After a certain age kids get bad ideas. The last game of Hungry Hungry Hippos I played my two friends broke all rules carefully thought out and set forth by Mr. Milton Bradley. Instead of loading the marbles onto the board one at a time they grabbed a big handful of marbles and showered them in the middle of the board. Then when that stopped being fun, they ripped off the hippo’s mouth and shoved the marbles down the throat with their hands. I never played Hungry Hungry Hippos again.

Sopes was not one of those friends, but he may have been there to witness the horror. Maybe that’s what inspired him to make a horror-themed poster. Feel free to download a large version of the poster here. It’s my current desktop.