This comic was inspired by a game called The Game of Things. Each turn someone reads a topic out loud like: “What’s an inappropriate title for a children’s book?” Then everyone writes down their answer which is collected so it does not reveal their answer. Then each answer is read aloud and the reader has to guess who wrote what.

Allow yourselves to imagine the troubles Little Cunty would encounter in that new land. You dirty dirty human being, how could you think of such things? Those thoughts are not for children: you should be ashamed of yourself.

It’s a good thing automaton exists for people like you and I. I have some bad ideas he saves the world from. “Let’s … put that in the maybe pile,” he says when I suggest we do a little sketch of Little Cunty’s actual adventures in Penisland. I think the dick drawings from Superbad indicate you can execute concepts like that, but probably only for dicks.

As an aside, the setting today’s comic is fitting because today is Cambodian New Year. Sam and Kham are Cambodian (Khmer). Maybe it’s time you knew that. Happy Khmer New Year!