Today’s comic is sure to unleash the angry dragon that sleeps dormant in the hearts of otherwise kind and moral people. But before you go all apeshit on me with your e-mails, please listen to what I have to say: I’m a scientist, and I’ve been that ever since I erupted out of nothing into this world as a crying fetus. I even had a bunsen burner with me, in there, in the uterus. So naturally, when I learned about this “pro-life” movement, I was baffled. That was last week.

Since then all I’ve been able to think is, “are they serious? This is absurd.” I can’t really imagine how anyone can randomly decide that when some cells join together, at some point they magically become precious enough to yell about. And just human cells, at that. Have you ever watched a plant give birth? That’s pretty special. Where’s the anger over kids kicking budding dandelions?

The truth is the world isn’t black and white. Every single situation you can possibly think of falls into a grey area. To somehow decide that your truth is the only truth, and applies in all situations is incomprehensible to me. There’s no logic in that, there’s not even rationality.

To be honest, I actually don’t hold a strong opinion about abortion; it’s your body, do whatever you want. But I do hold a strong opinion about large crowds chanting about removing choice from others. You can be all crazy in your own home, and you can even write about it all you want. But when you lobby a government to enforce your ideals on others, well then you’re not only ignorant, but also dangerous.

In the end, it feels like a classy 1600s witch hunt, so I guess it just needs to be said: Welcome to the 21st century, same as all the other centuries.