Today’s comic is based on Altered Beast. This game came out in the arcade in 1988 when I was 6 years old. It’s actually the first arcade game that I have memories of playing. I loved it, though I had no idea what the game was called, or why you turned into a beast. I didn’t even know what a mall was called back then, I just referred to it as “that dark place.” It’s not really that dark in there. I don’t know what I was thinking.

One of the reasons I loved Altered Beast so much was that it was 2 player, so I could play it with my brother. He was better than me, due to the fact that his hand-eye co-ordination had extra years of development, but I mashed the controller pretty good. I hated not being a beast though. If it was up to me you’d just be the beast all the time.

Years later, when I discovered the name of Altered Beast, I downloaded it and played it a lot. I will always be nostalgic for this piece of awesome.

A big thank you to Jimmy Morales for his guest artist work today. Stumbling across Jimmy was one of those remarkable internet stories. We messaged him on StumbleUpon, thanking him for liking one of our comics. He replied, “If you guys ever want a guest artist let me know.” He didn’t ask for any promotion or anything in return. And he was remarkably patient with our revisions/comments to this visually complicated comic.

That said, I insisted we showcase his talent. He’s always looking for people to collaborate with on any scale (Music, Art, Movies, Books). Like our Sopes, he’s a multi-talented guy. Check out his Tumblr: JCM Images, and his remixes: The Phoenix Bros. Here are my favourite remixes of his:

Thanks so much Jimmy! You’ve got a lot of talent, we’re lucky we stumbled upon you. Though if you check out his tattoo I think it was fate.